Friday, February 15, 2013

New Vegetable of The Week

We're going to try two actually. I'm really trying to be more conscious of eating the rainbow (and no, I don't mean Skittles..).

Eating a variety of vegetables gives you a whole array of vitamins and minerals that you can't get when you eat just a select few. Some people think you can avoid multi-vitamins altogether if you just really widen your palate of acceptable fruits and vegetables.

I don't know much about that, but I I'm willing to test it out.

So first up is red chard. It's high in vitamins A, K and C and it's fiber nearly cancels out the carbs (if you're into that sort of thing). I've had swiss chard, so I'm sure this will be comparable. We'll most likely have is sautéed in some form. Maybe with garlic and olive oil.

Next up are leeks. My favorite 'leek' pop culture moment is in Bridget Jones Diary when she is making her birthday dinner and Mr. Mark Darcy shows up. She's trying to make a potato and leek soup and uses blue string to hold the vegetables together. Except the blue from the string turns the soup blue and Mark Darcy says "If you ask me, there isn't enough blue food".. such a sweet character.

Anyway, I've never tried one otherwise, to my knowledge anyhow.

They looks like giant green onions to me. Like little green onions went through some Willy Wonka machine and came out bigger on the other side. Like the chard, they've got lots going for them. Besides iron, manganese, vit A, vit K and C, they're also pretty low in calories. I'm still researching what to make with them, but I probably won't opt for String Soup as Bridget Jones did.

Anyway, I'll update again after we've sampled the new green goodies and I'll share my thoughts.

Have you tried any new foods this week?

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  1. You probably don't want to hear bout the new food I tried. Suffice it to say it was for dessert on V-day.