Thursday, February 28, 2013

Excuse the mess..

Two things happened in the last two days that really made me think about things a little bit. Okay, well the past few days events led up to it, but it culminated in these two things.

We went out of town last weekend. My kiddos were with my awesome sis-in-law and my hubby and I went to California for a couple days. Hung out with friends, spent time together, went hiking, ate good food, etc. It was an awesome weekend.

I came home to a mess though. Why? Because I left a mess behind. Do you ever go out of town and make the house all sparkly-vampire clean before you leave so you'll have a nice clean house to come home to? Yeah, me too. But this time I just didn't have it together when we left. I swear, there were even dirty diapers on the floor (ew, gross.. I know). So we came back on Monday afternoon, just in time for dinner with a huge mess.

Twice over the course of the last couple days now I've cleaned up my main living areas. You know, the 'great room' and the kitchen since this is where we spend the most of our time.

The main problem is that since we make 100% of our meals at home and we both live/work from home, there is always something being prepared in the kitchen. Now, I do some prep work ahead of time to make things a tad bit easier. Even with this though, lunches are still prepared from scratch most days. I'm a lucky girl because of this. The extra dishes it causes though, not so much. So dishes get done on a full blown scale a few times a day. Bummer. Excuse me while I cry a little bit.

Yesterday I actually skipped the gym to stay home and do dishes. Ask my hubby who's a grumpy girl when she doesn't get to go to the gym. I need my damned endorphins, people. Elle Woods wasn't far off when she said "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't just shoot their husbands" in Legally Blonde. I was pretty much waving my proverbial pistol around last night because of the missed workout. Not a happy mommy.

Then this morning a friend posted about the messy state of her home. This gal is someone I know who works hard, both in and outside her home, plus has three boys on top of it all to add to the fun.

I just decided that I was done. I've put so much pressure on myself lately, especially since going 'unprocessed'. Something has to give. Like someone once said "No ones' tombstone says 'I should have kept the house cleaner'"

We ALL put pressure on ourselves to do certain things, whether it's exercise or laundry or cooking or how dirty the bathroom is. We all sometimes go to a friends' house. See the lack of mess because you know darned well they spent the past 20 minutes frantically cleaning up in preparation for your arrival. Or maybe not because maybe they are some sort of genetically modified "NEAT" human being. But we see that and sometimes think "oh man, I suck."

So I decided to bare it all and show my dirty laundry on Facebook. Literally. My actual laundry. And my kitchen/great room.

Then it was suggested that I start a tumblr (someone please explain to me what that is? A photo blog? Ok). So I did. Already people on Facebook are tagging me with photos of their messes. You know what I say?

Life is messy! Embrace it! Messy house, dirty laundry, cluttered table, happy kids. Healthy momma!

Go here to share your own mess!

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