Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And Away We Go

Chris and I took off to California this past weekend and that, combined with a really busy week made it hard for me to check in here. I'm back though! I have some great ideas for posts as well as some experiences to share.

One of the things I've caught up with in the past few weeks is some clothing purchases. While our bank account is steaming from all the extra use, I'm excited to have some clothes that fit well. I went to Lucy for my actual workout wear. People all have their favorites when it comes to where to get those types of things. For me, Lucy has always been a great option. While it's pricey (but most of those places are, even when you get into that type of stuff at Target, etc) their clothes are extremely durable. There are pieces I've had for years and years that still look practically new (with the exception of the fact that they are too big now). I've always found their salespeople can help me find exactly the fit and style I'm looking for, and they have a variety of options for all activities (love their yoga wear!).

This last time though, I was looking for something a bit more casual for being able to wear out without looking like I just came from the gym. Or things for hiking, walking, just being out in general. I started at some of the obvious places looking for regular old khaki type cargo things. Gap, Old Navy, Kohls, JCPenneys, etc. Nothing. Just not really what I was looking for at all. I wanted casual for me, not casual for the work place and that seemed to be what I found. Well that and a ton of fluorescent colors that weren't my style either.

So this weekend in California I found a store called Lulumon. They had some fun stuff, very very pricey. But I found some pants that I just loved! I *think* this store may lean more towards running but the pants I found were comfortable, and in a breathable fabric. These will be my go-to for hiking, and outdoor type stuff as we head into summer. The downside to this store is that not only are they pretty expensive (more than Lucy and lots of the other places) but their return policy is not great at all. Which didn't bother me too much until I went to Athleta.

Athleta not only had an awesome selection of casual and workout clothes that were closer to the prices I'm used to at Lucy, but their return policy could not be more flexible. Pretty much return at any time, for any reason. As the salesperson put it "even months down the road if you lose weight and they don't fit anymore". How awesome! I found way too much cute stuff there and also found the perfect sports bra that I've been looking for. I bought a super cute dress as well, which of course is not for working out but every girl needs a cute summer dress heading into Spring and Summer right? I have a feeling though, that this will be a favorite in the future. They don't have a location in Az yet, but now that I have a feeling for their sizes, I'll feel pretty comfortable with ordering online. As a side note, I have some of their stuff which I've ordered in the past and those pieces are among the favorites of things that no longer fit. Hmm, perhaps I should return them.

Now I know that other stores carry these types of clothes. I've checked out Old Navy, Target, JCPenneys, etc. But I've never had luck with activewear that felt good and that I actually liked the look of.

Where do you find clothes for your active lifestyle? What are your favorite styles? Do you have a favorite store you would recommend?

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