Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why the name?

I felt the need to explain to my husband where I came up with The Clumsy Housewife. I felt a little silly because I always feel like I'm not very good at coming up for names for things. I'd be terrible in advertising. Tide would be called Blue Chemical Liquid Clothes Cleaner if it were up to me.

As a mom and wife I'm pretty good at most of the jobs I have. I'm a decent chauffeur, a great cheerleader, awesome chef and nurse. There are other things I'm horrible at. I can't do hair. I keep mine short and the most creative hairstyle my kids get are pigtails (called piggies here at home). Most of the time my house is kept in a state of 'neat clutter'. I have to do dishes probably 3-4 times a day because I'm not very skilled at the 'clean as you go' thing. My daughters' clean clothes never gets hung up or ironed and half the time they don't even match. Yesterday I didn't even brush their hair before leaving the house. My car is a pigsty pretty much all the time. However, at least the last 5 months there are no junk food wrappers in there. Now it's just all empty reusable water bottles, orange peels, various clothing items and magazines/junk mail. So I have that going for me. Still, a pigsty nonetheless.

So most days I fumble through trying to get things done and stay somewhere near the top of the to-do pile. I feel clumsy. This probably has something to do with my perception of other women, those I see at the gym and grocery store who are wearing makeup and have children who seem to behave in public and seem to have things together. I feel like I'm lucky if my clothes match when I get out the door and my hair isn't sticking up in the back.

Still, I do my best everyday and what more can I ask of myself? My husband and children love me and I know I'm the force that keeps our family together and running. Anyway, that is where I came up with the name.

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