Friday, January 25, 2013

The Clumsy Housewife Tip of the Day

Here is a great tip to keep snacks and makings for healthy meals on hand all the time. When you are already preparing vegetables for meals, cut up extra to have on hand for snacking. 

I know that we are much more likely to reach for carrots if they are already peeled and cut up. My kids and I don't care for the baby carrots. Something about the flavor and texture of them. The whole carrots just seem sweeter to us, but they are more work to prepare. 

This works for whatever veggies you prepare, whether it's zucchini or yellow squash (pretty yummy when eaten raw and dipped in ranch or hummus), cucumber, carrots and peppers.. all kinds of things. Plus, if I have to cut onion tonight I'd rather cut the entire onion (or two) up and have them ready to go if I know I need them again tomorrow. Actually, we're enjoying the avocados available right now, so having pre-cut onions for a quick guacamole is super convenient and easy. 

That also puts them within reach to make quick salads and lunches to go. 

This might seem like a really no-brainer. However, sometimes I go for weeks without doing it at home and I always notice I snack on vegetables less during that time. 

Is there something you do to simplify your routine for making meals and snacks? 

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