Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tip of the day

One thing I'd really like to do with this space is share some tips that have helped me stay on track, not only in my weight loss but in eating clean. I feel like there is always room to learn more, so feel free to share yours with me as well!

So here you go! My very first tip of the day!

When you make grains to eat at dinner, or any meal, make extra to store cooked in the freezer and fridge. Tossing some quinoa, barley or rice onto salads or sautéing with some veggies can make for a super quick and healthy meal. One of the biggest challenges I hear is not having enough time for healthy eating, and boy do I understand that. So keeping extra cooked grains on hand really saves time. Especially since you can use them for so much!

As a new vegetarian, this is especially important for me and my family as they are a good source of protein.

To further demonstrate the versatility this tip has, I'm sharing with you a link to a recipe that I'm enjoying for breakfast this morning. I made extra barley with our dinner last night, and now I'm having it for breakfast!

Cardamom Lemon Pear barley. Sort of a porridge, definitely delicious. The sky is the limits here though, as you can pretty much eat any grain the same way you would enjoy oatmeal.

My photography skills are lacking. No joke, but I promise to get better for you. I omitted the raisins and added a small scoop of walnuts instead. Don't like cardamom? Sub out some cinnamon! So good.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

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  1. I had...a chocolate croissant at a local cafe... and I do not regret it one bit! Although, I'm starving now.. So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Walnuts sound like a great addition!