Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clumsy Housewife Tip of the Day

I missed yesterday. I wanted so badly to post everyday in these early days of this blog but I assure you I wasn't just out having fun without you. I was sleeping. I woke up feeling 'off'. I didn't even drink my daily iced coffee. Yes, I felt that bad.

Whatever the issue, I felt well enough to post this morning so here I am! I was making myself breakfast this morning, trying to get some basic foods that wouldn't upset my stomach. I chose the stand-bys. Scrambled eggs, a piece of toast and a half a grapefruit (vitamin c!). Now if you *really* knew me you would know what is off about that breakfast. I don't eat grapefruit. What? Seriously though, I have always hated grapefruit. I thought. I mean, I sort of don't like them. I mean, ok, so I haven't even tried one. Probably ever. I really don't like them though. Or do I?

How many of you are guilty of that!! "I don't like that". Are you sure? Maybe it's time to give it another try.

As adults we all have foods we don't like. Spinach, cauliflower, cottage cheese, oatmeal, whatever. It could be anything. You had to eat salmon once as a child and you gagged on it and threw up so you don't like it now. Have you even tried it once since then?

So here is my tip of the day. If you're missing out on some really healthy variety because you 'don't like' certain foods, challenge yourself to try them again. Perhaps you don't like poached salmon. So try seared salmon. Maybe you 'hate' instant oatmeal. So try steel cut, and try it with some fun toppings (and if you can't think of any fun toppings, ask me!). Maybe you hate asparagus but your mom used to boil the heck out of them and they always ended up gray and mushy. Hey, whatever. I'm going to share some of my new tries. And yes, they don't always stick.

In the last two weeks, I've tried beets, turnips, grapefruit and sunflower butter (like peanut butter but with sunflower seeds, great source of protein). Two of these things turned out to be things that I really like. I still need to go back to the drawing boards with beets and turnips. Grapefruits and sunflower butter will probably become regular parts of my diet though.

SO there you go. Sometimes you might surprise yourself. Some of my favorite foods now are foods I swore I didn't like before. Just don't give up on a food. Remember what they tell us with our kids. It takes several tries to start liking a new food. That goes for us too, sometimes.

Clean eating can be a lot easier if you are willing to expand your choices for healthy foods.

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